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how to play ATTRACTION

If you want to spend your deposited value on your account, you have to spend all of it. If you do not play with the ATTRACTION for five days, for example, your balance will be back to the initial value of $1,000.00.

You'll have to take a picture of your desire on the button 'Buy New Wish', place the wish name (product's name) on the button plus the real price to be drawing from your bank extract, which always will be updated, so it always will be flashing on the top of your screen game.

Watch out: It is recommended that you place the real price of every desire (product) so that your emotion is also real, the one of being into the real now, spending all money in your day. See, this game is designed to make you remember how it would be in your real life, anything has an end if you always is wishing, vibrating prosperity and abundance, receiving more and more money to spend in whichever you want. That is exactly those who got rich are still doing to be richer.

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